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Administration and Finance Unit


Miss. Meas Ratha
Chief of Unit of Administration and Finance
H/P: (855)99 973 432
Mrs. Keo Ravy
Deputy Chief of Unit of Administration and Finance
H/P: (855)12 719 056
Miss. Kheiv Vanny
Deputy Chief of Unit of Administration and Finance
H/P: (855)12 417 297
Mr. Khon Sothy
Deputy Chief of Unit of Administration and Finance
H/P: (855)12 736 166
Mrs. Thaiy Molika
H/P: (855)89 707 270
Mr. Ly Rony
IT Officer
H/P: (855)77 262 629
Mr. Yung Khorop
H/P: (855)77 288 224
Mr. Prin Pech
H/P: (855)77 889 795
E-mail: None
Mrs. Ry Na
General Service
H/P:  (855)77 439 293
E-mail: None

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Implement daily administrative tasks of Secretariat General
  • Prepare administration letters and take minutes of all DAC meetings
  • Manage officers, staff and related administrative documents of Secretariat General
  • Provide technical training related to disability
  • Develop budget plan and other projects
  • Manage moveable and unmovable properties and inventory of Secretariat General
  • Manage income and expenses of Secretariat General
  • Collect and analyze data and documents related to disability
  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Planning to get accurate statistics for persons with disabilities
  • Develop, publish and disseminate the publications of documents on disability
  • Building capacity of technical skills related to disability
  • Coordinate with national and international communities to mobilize resources
  • Receive and take action on suggestions made by persons with disabilities
  • Coordinate with relevant government ministries and institutions, private sector, non-governmental organizations and development agencies on disability
  • Develop monthly, quarterly, semester, 9 months and annual report on DAC achievement
  • Fulfill other tasks as assigned by DAC Secretary General.
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