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His Excellency Em Chan Makara congratulates for the ministry of education on the establishment of National Institute for Special Education (N.I.S.E.)

Posted: August 04, 2017

His Excellency Secretary General of Secretariat General Action Council and the Spokesman of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation, Mr. Em Chan Makara congratulated for the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport that decided to establish National Institute for Special Education (N.I.S.E.) for providing education to students with disabilities from pre-school until high school. This new achievement is shown the ministry’ efforts that have tried to draft the degree until getting authorized by the Cambodian government under the great attention of Prime Minister Hun Sen “Mr. Em Chan Makara said”. This last achievement is proved the great willing of Cambodian government who is always pay much attention to people with all types of disabilities to receive education since kindergarten till high school “he added”. He continued saying that, “ministry‘s effort this time is a big contribution to implement the Law on the Promotion and the Protection on the Right for Persons with Disabilities (PPRPD),  the UN Convention on the Right for Persons with Disabilities ( UNCRPD) as well as National Strategic Plan on Disability 2014 2018”. At the time, his excellency Em Chan Makara has appealed for all stakeholders, to continue supporting our people with disabilities in Cambodia by remember that,  even if they live with disability but they have enough capacity to contribute developing society as people without disabilities. 

Recently, the government has issued the Sub-decree on organizing and implementing the National Institute for Special Education for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. National Institute for Special Education is located   in Bing Bar Yarb village, Phnom Penh Thmey commune/Sangkat, Sen Sok district/Kan Phnom Penh.  In the Sub-decree, the government has issued to established National Institute for Special Education to train teachers in all levels for teaching students with disabilities, build capacity on disability work to all the ministries staff, develop additional education to align with standard and match to the job market needs of people with disabilities.

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